Friday, December 5, 2008

Books = Gifts

Give Books as Gifts

Why a book is the best gift for this holiday season!

  • It comes fully charged.
  • It costs less than a bottle of champagne (the real stuff).
  • You can buy 10 hardcover books for the price of an iphone.
  • It costs less than a movie (with popcorn).
  • It's around the same price as a DVD, but the experience lasts longer.
  • It can change someone's life.
  • It can make someone laugh.
  • Batteries are not required.
  • It's a thoughtful gift.
  • It's a personal gift.
  • You get one-stop shopping—your bookstore has the right gift for everyone on your list.
  • It weighs much less than a fruitcake.
  • It's more original than a tie or a sweater.
  • It's a gift of escape, fun, romance, adventure.
  • It's easy to find.
  • It's easy to wrap.
  • And you can never have too many!
via Reading Group Choices

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