Friday, October 17, 2008

Paperback Dreams

Sadly, Cody's in Berkeley didn't survive since the making of this documentary.
Do you have a favorite independent bookstore?


Sherry said...

Maybe it's because it was the first big, truly independent bookstore I'd ever visited, Powell's Books in Portland remains my favorite. I was so impressed by the amount of new and used books (and calendars!) and the coffee shop that was connected to the bookstore. The weather in Portland is often ideal for sticking your nose into a great new book. Powell's seemed like heaven and I've always looked for opportunities to check it out ever since.

Carol said...

I've been hanging out in bookstores since I was a kid. I really liked Cody's and the one across the street from it in Berkeley. I think my favorite, too, though, is Powell's in Portland. Unfortunately, we only had one day in that bookstore, so it was not nearly enough. The entire family was completely occupied!